Bong Accessories Rawmarsh

Bong Accessories Rawmarsh

So, you’ve got your bong and now you want to know what else you need? We’ll give you our best advice as a stockist of bong accessories Rawmarsh.

It’s usually good to get yourself some screens. These act as a filter, to stop your smoking mix and its ash falling into the water and dirtying up your bong. They come in various different shapes, sizes and materials, such as glass, brass and steel. You could also purchase a bong case, to help protect and transport your piece too!

bong accessories rawmarsh

Upgrades and Spare Parts

As a shop stocking bong accessories Rawmarsh, why not upgrade your bong with a glass bowl? These are specially designed to deal with prolonged heating, or turn your small bong into a much larger beast with one of our extenders. We even have some spare parts for your bongs too. Anything from a range of grommets, bases and downpipes to fit a variety of different bongs.

Bong Care

Taking care of your bong can extend its lifespan by a considerable amount. They do get dirty easily, so keeping it in top condition can only enhance your smoking experience. As a stockist of bong accessories Rawmarsh, we suggest investing in a bong cleaning kit. You could also buy a preventative cleaner which protects your bong by creating a slippery coating that resin can’t stick to. This stuff will save you hours in cleaning time! If you keep your bong clean it can potentially last you forever, as long as you don’t break it!

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