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Bong Shop Rawmarsh

The bong enthusiast often has their favourite brand of bong, and will often argue about why the features of their favourite are the best. But each brand has their unique selling point, and it’s about finding the right one for you. As a bong shop Rawmarsh we also recommend thinking about the material you would pick out of glass or acrylic.

bong shop rawmarsh

What Bong Is Right For Me?

There are benefits and downfalls to both materials, for example glass is not the best idea if you’re clumsy as you’ll be replacing it often. On the other hand acrylic is porous, meaning it stains easily, is harder to clean and retains smell. Unlike glass which is taste neutral and won’t hold any smell once it has been cleaned. So in conclusion, if you are looking for a more permanent piece, glass is always best. But if you need a cheap disposable piece, that you can take all over the place with you, then acrylic may be right for you.

There are a few deciding factors when it comes to picking the right bong for you, such as your circumstances, budget and even how clumsy you can be. The amount of choice when choosing a bong can seem somewhat daunting, but we have a massive range at our bong shop Rawmarsh and something to suit everybody’s needs.

Most bongs function in the same way, by creating a vessel for smoke to be filtered through water, reducing the amount of water soluble tar and toxins from the smoke by around 50%, as well as removing the need to combust rolling papers. Now you know the basics, what bong is right for you?

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As a bong shop Rawmarsh, we will give you impartial advice which can help with your choice of products. If you are interested in learning more about our shop and the products we sell, please feel free to contact us.